by phone –
any place,
any time

In coaching by phone, all contents and results of your session go straight to the place where you need them in daily work: directly to your implementation and application center, to your brain.

  • Efficient, highly effective alternative or supplement to one-on-one coaching
  • Strong focus on your inner worlds
  • No visual distraction
  • Worldwide flexibility with no travel time
  • Continuity, even with frequent changes in location due to job constraints

  • On request, you can also have an audio recording of your coaching by phone session.
  • After your session, you will receive a summary in writing in pdf format via e-mail.
  • I also offer Symbolic Modelling and Clean Language via telephone.


  • Although you will see less with your eyes, you will be more aware of your inner images and dialogues.
  • In addition to the contents of your statements, I focus on the nuances of your voice as a rich source of information.
  • If timely visualization is required, we can take advantage of interactive online tools via internet that you can edit and process immediately after the coaching session.
  • Individual coaching over the phone is not a video conference: place, attire and make-up are irrelevant. Whether in the morning in the hotel before a shave, during lunchtime at the airport or in the evenings in a cluttered living room – let yourself be coached wherever and however you feel comfortable.
  • With coaching by phone, you schedule an appointment in the same way as with one-on-one coaching. You call me at the appointed time.
  • One-time coaching appointments are also possible – some subjects can be resolved quickly through professional coaching questions.
  • Coaching by phone is not for everyone. Some clients have tried it to discover that their concerns were unfounded. Today they like using this instrument and even prefer coaching by phone to one-on-one coaching.
  • There are some clients whom I have never met personally. Still, a stable and trusting business relationship has developed between us.
    I look forward to meeting you and your voice personally.

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