Personal Growth Coaching

When you decide to work with a coach, you have taken an important step towards self-development.

Here is what you can achieve:
  • set goals, give your life a new direction
  • develop your own personality
  • improve strengths, skills and competencies
  • overcome obstacles, experience more security
  • achieve professional and private goals.

Personal Growth Coaching will help you at your present level in your career with:

  • Career planning
    • Changing careers
    • Achieving career goals
  • Changes in your professional and private life
    • Adjusting to new workplace
    • Taking on new tasks within the company
    • Assuming new responsibilities
  • Establishing your work-life balance

Personal Growth Coaching - when the situation calls for it, here‘s how it will help you:

  • preparing speeches and presentations coupled with „follow-through“ coaching sessions
  • getting ready for important customer presentations
  • preparing for negotiations
  • dealing with conflicts among colleagues or employees
  • counseling prior to examinations and follow-up evaluation.

Through my personalized coaching you will find it easier to activate your resources and competencies in your current as well as future circumstances than when working alone.

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