Peer to Peer Consultancy 
  • You are part of a team of forward-thinking peers and have the opportunity to interact with other peers who are also willing to share their expertise.

  • As an expert in your field of business you contribute realistic case studies you would like to examine and find solutions for. Your team chooses and works with case studies of particular interest.

  • You learn from solutions presented by other experts on the team and from case to case receive instant feedback on your consultancy method and your suggestions to resolve the case.

  • The consultancy process will be structured by a professional moderator. Moderation methods are attuned precisely to the participants‘ sense of perception and capability to process information.

We organize Peer to Peer Consultancy retreats in your region or other parts of the country for practitioners and experts working as:

  • business leaders and project managers
  • members of the sales team and key account managers on the distribution team
  • entrepreneurs, managing directors, plant managers, profit center managers
  • free-lancers and the self-employed
  • junior business leaders.

For more information on scheduled programs tailored to your target group

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