Modeling - Learning from the Best

„Life is too short for us to make all the experiences possible ourselves.“
Chinese proverb

„Modeling is the process of identifying and structuring features and patterns relevant to archieving some goal or simulating some process. Modeling involves analyzing examples of successful performances... The focus of modeling is on how people think and act when they perform effectively." (Robert Dilts)

Our use of the modeling method enables us to tap the knowledge and experience of each staff member and make it accessible to him/her, to you and your entire team.
  • Through interviews, questionnaires and observation we are able to determine the success factors of individuals or entire teams.

  • An innate quality of Modeling is an appreciation of and focus on those factors determining your success. Motivation of the individual as well as the team is a natural result.

  • We will see to it that the results obtained through Modeling are disseminated in a workable network and introduce learning processes to integrate them in the business operations of your organization.

Modeling works particularly well with sales teams and leaders of large companies.

  • Modeling will bring closer together varying degrees of performance and experience among team members and within companies.

  • Sales-Modeling has an immediate and tangible effect on sales results and therefore is a recommendable supplement to classical sales training.

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