Hans-Peter Wellke

"Understanding your world is the key to creating a personalized solution."
Hans-Peter Wellke
Born 1965, married, 4 Children
Master in Business Education, Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen, learned banker
Continuing Education: systemic organizational development and personal growth, coaching, solution-focussed consultancy, NLP, TZI, TA, clean language
CEO of Partner für Personalentwicklung, Hans-Peter Wellke (Partner for Personnel Development)
Hans-Peter Wellke´s experiance as a trainer dates back to 1989. He set up his own business in consulting 1996. All his services are designed strictly to meet individual needs of his clients. They highly appreciate his experience as a facilitator, trainer and coach and ask him to facilitate their skills improvement, personal growth, change of behavior and developing of new high energetic identities as a team, department or company.
Hans-Peter Wellke lives with his family in Sulzberg near Kempten, Allgäu/Bavaria.

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