Successful and long-standing organizations and their employees approach each decision and each action from three different aspects:

  • Does it include an advantage for the customer?
  • Are we improving the company‘s sustainability on the market?
  • Will it lead to an increase in profits?

Focusing on these three questions we look forward to reaching the following
goals together

1. Sales goals
2. Company and department goals
3. Team goals
4. Goals of company divisions experiencing rapid growth

1. Sales Goals

If there is anyone around who sells more than you do, then you can still improve your own sales activities - those best in their field strive every day to improve their performance.

We train sales people, key account managers, application and support teams to:

  • enhance customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • encourage in-house departments to adopt an holistic approach to sales
  • mobilize target focused sales, support and after-sales activities
  • improve relationships between office-based and field sales representatives
  • create synergetic customer-supplier relationships

2. Company and department goals

It‘s the customer who actually decides on the quality of a product. And directly or indirectly decisions on the part of the customers influence processes within the company. 

  • Give customer, sales and distribution orientation highest priority (get departments with no direct customer contacts to also think and act pro-customer)
  • Change the culture of the company (leadership, culture of communication, decision-making processes, dealing with conflicts)
  • Introduce new work structures (e.g. teamwork)
  • Improve (inter-departmental) cooperation
  • Enhance motivation and sense of responsibility

3. Team Goals

Teamwork surpasses contributions by specialists, provided the work of individuals and groups flows together and forms a network. Teamwork does not replace the work of an individual and not every task is suited for teamwork.

  • „Build“ a team
  • Improve communication and collaboration
  • Demonstrate higher commitment and take on responsibility
  • Optimize decision-making processes and creative input
  • Lead a team successfully

4. Goals of rapidly growing divisions

While carrying out daily business operations, employees of divisions experiencing rapid growth are called on to take on new roles and tasks in a very short time, change processes and structures and reorganize channels of communication.

Looking ahead at planned company growth helps to ensure that those resources necessary for the daily flow of work do not become entangled in conflicts, interpersonal friction, personnel fluctuation, and burn out. 

  • Integrate new employees, hold on to long-standing staff members
  • Promote advancement of new leaders
  • Empower staff to reorganize tasks and redefine roles
  • Adjust current company culture to new company dimension
  • Ensure that knowledge and experience are passed on

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